PPS/3-(1-Pyridinio)-1-propanesulfonate 15471-17-7

  • CAS No.: 15471-17-7
  • Type.: Catalyst
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Molecular Formula: C8H11NO3S
  • Shelf Life: --
  • Min Order Quantity: 200kg
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Product Name PPS/3-(1-Pyridinio)-1-propanesulfonate
Item Standard Result
Appearance White White
pH 2.0-6.0 3.75
Assay, % ≥99 99.47
  1. PPS/3-(1-Pyridinio)-1-propanesulfonate can be as a Bronsted acid ionic liquid catalyst in combination with H2SO4 and H3PO4 for the dehydration of glycerol to acrolein via semi-batch reaction technique.
  1. PPS also used as a catalyst in the form of sulfonated heteropoly acid salts for the synthesis of isoamyl isovalerate.
  1. In the preparation of molybdenum imido alkylidene NHC catalysts, which are used in biphasic olefin metathesis.
  1. PPS is used to prepare water-stable SO3H-functionalized Brønsted acidic task-specific ionic liquids (TSILs).
  1. In was bright nickel plating, it is a start material to make brightener, A high efficiency brightener and leveler. Because of its high purity, Pyridinium propyl sulfobetaine cannot carry other harmful impurity or salts to baths.
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