Lithium Metasilicate/Lithium Silicate 10102-24-6

  • CAS No.: 10102-24-6
  • Type.: Curing Agent
  • Appearance: Odorless, odorless transparent liquid
  • Molecular Formula: Li2SiO3
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: -
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Appearance Colorless near transparent liquid
SiO2% 20.0±1.0 20.0±1.0 20.0±1.0
Li2O% 2.30±0.15 2.10±0.1 1.90±0.1
Modulus Ratio 4.30±0.1 4.80±0.1 5.20±0.1
Density (20℃) 1.190±0.01 1.180±0.01 1.180±0.01
Viscosity(25℃, mPaS) 0-25 0-25 0-25
pH 11.5±0.5 11.5±0.5 11.5±0.5
Lithium Metasilicate/Lithium Silicate(1) Lithium silicate is widely used, for example, as concrete curing agent, in industrial floor, electronic, medical workshop, supermarket, parking lot etc.;
(2) In marine engineering, oil pipelines, ships, bridges, building materials etc., especially for marine engineering, if inorganic zinc rich coating is used, valid corrosion protection period can reach 20 years.
Lithium Metasilicate/Lithium Silicate(3) Meanwhile, Lithium silicate can be used in inorganic building coating (or mineral coating). As a surface treatment agent, Lithium silicate can be used to keep light in photovoltaic industry, arts and crafts, decorations, radio, plastic films;
(4) As a bonding agent, Lithium silicate can be used in asbestos, glass, TV phosphors, wood, automobile clutches etc. Lithium silicate can be used as advanced electrode bonding agent.
Lithium Metasilicate/Lithium Silicate
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