Sulfamic acid 5329-14-6

  • CAS No.: 5329-14-6
  • Type.: Cleaning agent, Curing Agent, Flame Retardant
  • Appearance: White crystals
  • Molecular Formula: NH2SO3H
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Min Order Quantity: 1*20'FCL
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Element Standard require Result Level
Appearance White crystals White crystals Pass
Content (NH2S03H), % STD: ≥99.5 99.65 Pass
Sulfate (S04), %  STD: ≤0.05 0.005 Pass
Non-soluble in water, %  STD: ≤0.02 0.01 Pass
Fe, % STD: ≤0.005 0.0008 Pass
Water, %  STD: ≤0.1 0.011 Pass
(1) Sulfamic Acid is main raw material for Sodium Cyclamate and AK (Acesulfame Potassium)
(2) Sulfamic Acid is used as an herbicide, fine retardant, depurative of metal, pottery and porcelain.
(3) Sulfamic Acid is used as softener and bleacher of paper and textile.
(4) Sulfamic Acid is used as catalyst for the synthesis of urearesin.
(5) Sulfamic Acid is used to remove nitrile during the production of azo dyes.
(6) Sulfamic Acid is used as stabilizing agent for chloridizing and bleaching in the swimming pool.
(7) Sulfamic Acid is used as PT primary agent of acid base titration in analytical chemisty.
(8) Sulfamic Acid is used as acidic cleaner,cleaning out the oil well, increasing oil production, galvanization, electrochemical polish and bitumen emulsifying and so on.
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