Epoxy Resin 38891-59-7

  • CAS No.: 38891-59-7
  • Type.: Epoxy
  • Appearance: Liquid/Solid
  • Molecular Formula:
  • Shelf Life:
  • Min Order Quantity: As requirements
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Application Type
Electrician CYD-127; CYD-127E; CYD-128E; E-39D;
Coating CYD-128Y; CYD-188; CYD-115; CYD-115C; CYD-011; CYD-011A; CYD-012; CYD-013; CYD-014; CYD-014U; CYD-014A; CYD-014T; CYD-017; CYD-019; CYD-020N; CYD-128T75; CYD-011X75; CYD-801; CYD-803; CYD-805...
Adhesive CYD-128D; CYD-128T75; CYD-011X75...
Casting CYD-134; E-44; E-42; CYDB-500...
Laminating E-44; E-42; E-44T97; E-44T95; E-44T90; CYDCN-200; CYDCN-205; CYDCN-208; CYDBN-240; CYDBN-240E; CYDPN-048; CYDB-900; CYDB-400; 
More More details about the applications and types of epoxy resin, please contact us!
(1) Bisphenol a Liquid Epoxy Resin:
A type of basic epoxy resin. It is colorless or yellowish viscous liquid with low toxicity. It is mainly used in coating, adhesive, anticorrosion, electric insulation, laminated plates and potting fields or used as the raw material for high-grade epoxy resin processing.
(2) Medium-and high-Molecular Weight Solid BPA Epoxy
A type of basic epoxy resin. It is colorless or lightyellow with low toxicity. It is widely used in many fields such as coating, paint and anti-corrosion.
(3) Solvent-type Epoxy Resin
It is designated for easy storage, transportation and application for customers. It is widely used in such fields as adhesive, coating and anti-corrosion.
(4) Functional Epoxy Resin
This high molecule compound of low toxicity and lightyellow is characterized by wide molecular weight distribution and even poly me-rization degree. The product made of such material has higher impact resistance and flexibilty. It is mainly applied in the fields of coating and paint.
(5) Phenolic Epoxy Resin
Phenolic Epoxy Resin mainly used in composite material, high temperature resistance adhesive, anti-corrosion coating, industrial paint, chemical resistances coating, etc.
(6) Other types
More details about the applications and types of epoxy resin, please contact us!
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