Tetrachloroethylene Perchloroethylene/PERC

  • CAS No.: 127-18-4
  • Type.: Solvent
  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
  • Molecular Formula: C2Cl4
  • Shelf Life:
  • Min Order Quantity: 40 drums
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Item Result -Ⅰ
Appearance Transparent liquid without suspended solids and sediments
Color (Pt-Co)/ Hazen ≤ 15 PASS
Density, p20/(g/cm³) 1.615-1.625 1.62
Purity ,% ≥ 99.9 99.99
Evaporation Residue,% ≤ 0.002 PASS
Water,% ≤ 0.005 0.0028
PH Value 5.0-8.0 6.67
Odour Ether-like -
(1) Industrial tetrachloroethylene mainly used as solvent, organic synthesis, the metal surface cleaners and dry cleaners, desulfurizer, heat transfer media, medical used as insect repellent, and trichloroethylene and fluoride organic intermediates.
(2) Tetrachloroethylene for many inorganic and organic compound with good dissolving ability, such as sulfur, iodine, mercury chloride, aluminium trichloride, fat, rubber and resin, etc, the dissolving ability is widely used for metal degreasing cleaning agent, paint remover, solvent dry cleaners, rubber, printing ink solvents, liquid soap, high-grade fur and feather degreasing.
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