RICHEST GROUP -- Chinese Rubber Additives Supplier Since 2006

Specialized in research, production and trade of rubber additives for 14 years.
The leader of Chinese rubber additives supplier, professional trade and service system deserve your trust.

Rich in quantity, Excellent in quality

Richest Group supplies more than 500 kinds of Rubber Additives to worldwide customers.
We earn customers’ trust with quality. Our quality comes from professional.

International Trading With Global Brands

Richest Group cooperates with global brands, such as BASF, LEGO, LG Electronics, Samsung Group and so on.
We have served 6,000+ customers in more than 100 countries and established long-term cooperative relationship with most of them.

One-stop Service & 24H Online Support

Once sales confirmation, we will arrange the production, packing, custom clearance, logistics tracking safely and quickly.
After receiving goods, the after-sales customer service is 24 hours online to do the quick response and optimal solution.