How Is SLES Sodium dodecyl sulfate used In Industries?2020-09-09

SLES, also known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, is a surfactant with a hydrophilic group and a lipophilic group

 SLES Sodium dodecyl sulfate can make the two immiscible phases (such as oil and water) miscible with each other and form a uniform dispersion or emulsified body, thereby changing the original physical state.
Sodium dodecyl sulfate  is easily soluble in water, has excellent decontamination, emulsification, foaming properties and hard water resistance, and has good biodegradability.
SLES is mainly used in daily chemical industries such as liquid washing, meal washing, shampoo and bath washing.
In textile, paper, leather, machinery, petroleum exploration and other industries. SLES can also be used as lubricants, dyeing aids, cleaning agents, foaming agents, degreasing agents.