Use Ethanol For Disinfection Properly2020-12-17

Ethanol is widely used as a skin disinfectant in medical treatment. The principle of ethanol killing bacteria is that it can penetrate into the bacteria body and absorb the water of bacterial protein. In this way, ethanol can solidify the protein and make it denatured, then the bacteria will be killed.

The strength of ethanol sterilization and disinfection ability is determined by its concentration, too high or too low will not work.
The osmotic pressure of 65-75% ethanol is similar to that of bacteria. It can continuously penetrate into the bacteria until reach the concentration and dosage of killing bacteria.
Therefore, ethanol can completely destroy the outer, middle and inner layers of bacteria.
The optimal concentration of disinfectant ethanol should be 65-75%. In this way, the killing factor of ethanol can penetrate into both the bacteria body and deep inside of the flora to contact every bacteria and kill them.
After the disinfectant ethanol is prepared, it should be placed in a well-sealed bottle for storage and use immediately; the bottle cap should be closed immediately after use to prevent the concentration from being reduced due to volatilization, dust and other bacteria being contaminated .
In addition, ethanol is more irritating, so mucous membrane disinfection should not be used.