Ethanol Liquid supply

Ethanol Liquid supply

  • CAS No.: 64-17-5
  • Type.: Solvent
  • Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
  • Molecular Formula: C2H6O
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Min Order Quantity: 20kg
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Parameters Characteristic value Test Results Result
Appearance colourless, clear, volatile, flammable liquid Pass Pass
Acidity or alkalinty Pink Pink Pass
Solution color and clarity Clear Clear Pass
Methanol ≤0.02% Not detected Pass
Acetaldehyde+ acetal ≤0.001% Not detected Pass
Benzene ≤0.0002% Not detected Pass
Total of other impurities ≤0.03% Not detected Pass
Residue on evaporation ≤1mg/40ml Not detected Pass

Ethanol is widely used in national defense industry, chemical industry, medical and health industry, food industry, industrial and agricultural production.
(1) Preparing raw materials of dye, paint, detergent and other products;
(2) Ethanol is used as cosmetic, printing ink, paint remover, antifreezer, fuel, etc;
(3) In food industry, use ethanol produce acetic acid, beverage, essence, dyes, etc;
(4) Ethanol can be used for preparing acetaldehyde, ethyl ether, ethyl acetate, ethyl amine and other chemical raw materials.

Ethyl Alcohol
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