Polyethylene / HDPE / PE 9002-88-4

  • CAS No.: 9002-88-4
  • Type.: Industrial Raw Materials
  • Appearance: Pellets
  • Molecular Formula: C2H4
  • Shelf Life: --
  • Min Order Quantity: As requirements
  • Specification
  • Application
  • Packing&Shipping
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Product name: High melting point 58/60 fully refined slack paraffin wax
Place of Origin: China
Refinement: Fully Refined
Forms: Solid
Color: White
Melting Point: 58-66℃
Crystalline Index: 99.%
Scale of Deoiling: 99%
Oil Content (%): 0.5
Classification: SGS
(1) HDPE film grade is widely used in the production of packing bag, film and soon.

(2) Blow molding grade for making various bottles, cans, tanks, barrels;
Injection-molding grade is for making food cases, plastic trays, goods containers.

(3) Blow film product:Foodstuff packing bag, groceries shopping bags, chemical fertilizer lined with film, etc

(4) Extruded product:Pipe, tube mainly used in gas transportation, public water and chemicals transport such as building materials,gas pipe, hot water drainpipe etc. sheet material is mainly used in the seat, suitcase, handling containers.
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