Chloroauric Acid 16903-35-8,16961-25-4

Chloroauric Acid 16903-35-8,16961-25-4

  • CAS No.: 16903-35-8,16961-25-4
  • Type.: Precious Metals
  • Appearance: Yellow crystal
  • Molecular Formula: AuCl4H
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: 1g
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Items Analysis
Appearance Yellow crystal
Content >99.9%,Au>48.50%
Chloride <0.002%
Fe <0.005%
Cu <0.002%
Pb <0.001%
Solubility in ethanol Pass
Solubility in water Pass
Standard HG/T 3446-2003
(1) Chloroauric Acid can be used for partial gold plating of semiconductor and integrated circuit lead frames, printed circuit boards, electronic connectors;
(2) Chloroauric Acid mainly used for gold plating, special inks, medicines, porcelain gold and red glass, etc.
As well as raw materials for the production of various gold compounds, photographic industry and chemical reagents.
(3) Chloroauric Acid is also used to prepare stable nano-scale and underivatized colloidal gold particles in the form of solution.
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