Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

  • CAS No.: 63231-66-3
  • Type.: Resin
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Molecular Formula: (C2H4)n
  • Shelf Life: --
  • Min Order Quantity: As Requirement
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1. Performance characteristics of CPE RESIN 
◆Excellent flexibility and impact resistance modification performance   
◆High filling performance
◆Good low temperature performance and weather resistance   
◆Good flame retardant performance
◆Good compatibility with PVC, PE, ABS and other high polymers Compatibility  
◆Good chemical resistance
◆Easy to disperse and excellent processability 

2. Performance characteristics of CPE CM 
◆Excellent mechanical properties  
◆Good low temperature performance 
◆Excellent heat aging performance, weather resistance, chemical resistance  
◆Excellent flex resistance 
◆Good flame retardant performance, mechanical oil resistance  
◆Long storage time 
◆Ideal cost performance The main technical indicators of CPE CM  
◆In the field of polyvinyl chloride modification:
  CPE RESIN, as an excellent and cost-effective impact modifier, is widely used in various rigid plastic products such as rigid plastic profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, plates, and houses, production of cladding panels for exterior walls, building anti-corrosion and moisture-proof thin-wall panels. 

CPE RESIN can promote the plasticization of PVC, improve the processing performance, and can greatly improve the impact strength of the product, and significantly improve its low temperature resistance and weather resistance.

◆In the field of flame retardant ABS:
  CPE RESIN itself is a flame retardant material and has excellent compatibility with flame retardants. 

In the formulation of flame retardant ABS, it can reduce the amount of flame retardants used and improve the filling performance without reducing Impact resistance of flame retardant products. 

CPE Resin has good thermal stability, moderate fluidity, high filling capacity, good compatibility with ABS, and is suitable for application in the field of flame retardant ABS.

◆Magnetic material
  CPE RESIN 7030 has a high filling capacity for ferrite magnetic powder, the magnetic material made of it has super strong magnetic attraction, and the rubber product has good low temperature flexibility and extensibility. 

It is widely used as refrigerator sealing strip, magnetic plate, magnetic strip and other products. Utilizing the heat resistance of CPE RESIN, it can also be made into magnetic components of electromechanical products.

◆Soft products
  As an excellent elastomer, CPE RESIN can be directly used to produce soft products. No or less plasticizer can be added to the formula, and the soft products produced have particularly good weather resistance and long service life. It avoids the deterioration of the physical and chemical properties of the traditional PVC soft products due to the migration of a large amount of plasticizers, and greatly prolongs the service life of the soft products. Widely used in waterproof coiled material, shoe material, plastic wire, sealing strip, tarpaulin, tarpaulin and other soft products.

◆In the structure of general-purpose plastics such as modified PE
  CPE RESIN has similar molecular chain segments which determine its better compatibility with general-purpose plastics such as PE. After adding, it can effectively reduce the hardness of plastic products, improve weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, and improve flame retardancy.
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