DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide 758-96-3

  • CAS No.: 758-96-3
  • Type.: Organic Intermediate
  • Appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid
  • Molecular Formula: C5H11NO
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: 1kg
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Inspection Item Specification Result
Appearance Colorless or yellowish liquid Conform
Water ≤0.3% 0.04%
Assay ≥99.5% 99.96%
Color 50 HAZEN max 4 HAZEN
Conclusion Conform
(1) DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide is used for fiber modification, which can improve the hygroscopicity, dyeability and feel of acrylic fiber. In addition, DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide is also used to modify fibers such as acetate fiber polyester, polyamide, polyolefin, and polyvinyl chloride.
(2) DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide is used in the modification of plastics. The copolymer of this product and ethylene has excellent mechanical strength, printability, dyeability, and antistatic properties. Grafts with polyolefins. Improves affinity for glass fibers.
(3) DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide is used as various processing agents and auxiliaries. Some copolymers of this product can be used as fixing agents for special pigments, processing and finishing agents for paper and textiles, and also as processing aids for plastics.
(4) DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide also has multiple uses in daily chemicals, printing and photography industries, medical and health materials, etc.
(5) DMPA/ N,N-Dimethylpropionamide can be used to produce water-soluble polymers, such polymers can be used as water treatment scale inhibitors and temperature and salt resistant drilling fluid fluid loss agents, oil well cement fluid loss agents, and temperature and salt resistant Polymer flooding agent.
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