• CAS No.: 4337-33-1
  • Type.: Chemical
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Molecular Formula: C5H11ClO2S
  • Shelf Life: --
  • Min Order Quantity: 50kg
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Item Standard
Content of DMPT ≥98%
Moisture ≤1.5%
Residue on ignition ≤0.5%
Appearance White to light yellow crystal powder
(1) Attractant Mechanism, Molting and growth-promoting mechanism. Same as DMT.
(2) DMPT is a natural S-containing compound (thio betaine), and It is revert to as the fourth generation attractant for aquatic animals.
The attractant effect of DMPT is around 1.25 times better than choline chloride, 2.56 times betaine, 1.42 times methyl-methionine and 1.56 times better than glutamine.
Amino acid glutamine is the best kind of attractant, but the effect of DMPT is better than Amino acid glutamine;
(3) Squid internal organs, earthworms extract attractant role, mainly amino acids with a variety of reasons;
Scallops can also be as an attractant, its flavor is derived from DMPT; Studies have shown that the effect DMPT is the best attractant.
(4) DMPT growth-promoting effect is 2.5 times than the semi-natural food.
(5) DMPT also improve breeding varieties of meat, seafood flavor of the freshwater species present, thereby enhancing the economic value of freshwater species.
(6) DMPT is also a shelling hormone substances. For crabs and other aquatic animals, shelling rate is significantly accelerated.
(7) DMT provides more space for some inexpensive protein source.
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