Phloroglucinol Dihydrate 6099-90-7   

Phloroglucinol Dihydrate 6099-90-7   

  • CAS No.: 6099-90-7   
  • Type.: Organic Intermediate
  • Appearance: Crystalline Powder
  • Molecular Formula: C6H10O5
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: 1kg
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Item Specification
Product name Phloroglucinol Dihydrate
Melting point 218-221 °C (A)(lit.)
Fp 100 °C
Storage temp. Store at RT.
Form Crystalline Powder
Color Almost white to beige
Water solubility slightly soluble
Sensitive Light Sensitive
(1) Phloroglucinol Dihydrate is used for synthesizing hearth-care products, as the raw material for dyes, stablizer and corrosion resistant agent for textiles and leather, as substitute for silver iodide in rain making, the raw materials of plastic capsule, etc.
(2) Phloroglucinol Dihydrate is also used to make intermediates, photosensitive duplicating paper medicament, general reagent, etc.

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